Anyone under eighteen years old can become a member of the Kent Credit Builders Club.

Join hundreds of members age 12 and under in the Kent Credit Builders Club. This club was developed just for you. We hope you enjoy the special services offered, because you're a member of Kent County Credit Union and a Kent Credit Builder.


Join the Kent Credit Builders

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If you're age 12 or younger and not a Kent Credit Builders Club member, you can become one by opening a savings account with a minimum deposit of only $5.00. Then, when you turn 13, you will automatically become a Kent Credit Achievers Club member. Come save with us and watch your money grow! You can even apply for membership online. All members under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian's signature.

Here's what you get:

  • Special passbook so you can keep track of your savings
  • Statement detailing your account activity
  • Annual newsletter
  • Invitation to Kent Credit Builders Club events
  • Eligible for new Youth Share Certificates*

Youth Share Certificates* offer you a way to earn greater interest on your savings. With a minimum deposit of $100.00 you can lock into a competitive interest rate on a 1, 2 or 3 year term and receive monthly dividends. Additional deposits in $50.00 increments can be added to the Youth Share Certificate during the first six months of the term.

*A penalty is assessed for early withdrawal of a Youth Share Certificate.

To view Kent County Credit Union's Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), click here.

Kent Credit Builders Trivia Topics

  • Your Piggy Bank Has a History

    Piggy Bank

    Did you ever wonder why so many coin banks are shaped like pigs? During the Middle Ages, when metal was scarce and expensive, Western Europe used a dense orange clay to make household items such as dishes and jars. This clay was known as "pygg." Many frugal people used these jars to save money in, and they became know as "pygg banks." As time moved forward, the clay was forgotten, but the name remained. People began asking potters to create a "pygg bank" for them. Not knowing the term referred to the material, potters began making the bank in the shape of a pig. Soon everyone wanted "piggy banks."

  • If you had 10 billion $1 notes and spent one every second of every day, it would require 317 years for you to go broke.
  • Paper currency is printed on a material made of 25% linen and 75% cotton.
  • Rule of 72

    Did you ever wonder how long it will take for your savings to double? There is an easy, mathematical way to figure it out - it's called the Rule of 72. All you have to do is divide the interest rate into the number 72. Let's assume your investment is earning 4%, then 72 ÷ 4=18. So, if you saved $1,000 now at 4% interest, in 18 years your investment would grow to $2,000.

    Please note that the Rule of 72 only estimates how long it will take to double your investment.


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