New Builder Loan

Building your credit is important for many reasons. First, building credit helps establish financial reliability. This helps lenders, employers and others trust your creditability and allow for more opportunities. Secondly, having a good credit score usually results in a lower interest rate on loans. And by having a lower interest rate, you'll save more over time. Lastly, building credit shows initiative and helps lenders gain trust in you.

When applying for a New Builder Loan with KCCU you'll need to have some basic information. You'll need a recent pay stub (within 30 days). This helps our loan officers determine how much you can borrow and ensures there's a valid means of repayment. In addition, a credit report will be pulled. This lets the loan officer to see your credit history, and allows them to educate members on different items that may hurt or help their credit score. The process may sound difficult, but there's nothing to worry about. From start to finish, the lending process usually takes about 30 minutes. In that time, the loan officer will be able to walk you through the process from start to finish and answer any question you may have along the way.

Making your payments is even simple. You can make payments through automatic deductions from your payroll, checking or savings accounts or online through It’s Me 247.

You can also check NADA online for additional facts.

Free Credit Report
The Federal Trade Commission has information regarding how to receive a free credit report . Remember, you can receive your credit report once each year for free; however your credit score is NOT FREE.

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