Personal Loans

KC Cash
This is your open-end Line of Credit Loan. You use it when you need it. Access KC Cash with your Debit MasterCard, ATM Card, online, or over the counter. Where ever you go, it’s there for you!

Preferred Access
Looking for overdraft protection on your checking account? The Preferred Access line of credit loan is the choice for you.

Signature Loans
Utilize this loan for nearly any purpose. It’s your personal loan to make home improvements, fix the car or use for just about anything.

Share Secured Loan
This is the perfect loan to help you establish a positive credit history. With a Share Secured Loan, the funds are secured by your savings account, allowing for an extraordinary loan rate.

Free Credit Report
The Federal Trade Commission has information regarding how to receive a free credit report . Remember, you can receive your credit report once each year for free; however your credit score is NOT FREE.

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