Telephone Banking

Check your account balances and more 24 hours a day with our convenient phone banking system, CU*Talk.

It’s easy to use.

1. Using a touch tone phone, dial (616) 285-5720 or toll-free (800) 860-5704.

2. The recording will ask you for KCCU’s access code, enter 074 and press the # button.

3. Enter your account number followed by the # button.

4. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If this is the first time using this service, your temporary PIN will be provided to you by Kent County Credit Union. You will be prompted to change your PIN to a new 4 digit PIN at this time.

5. From this point, CU*TALK will guide you through the menus.

6. Simply hang up when you are finished with your transactions.

Common Account Suffixes
Share Savings 000
Checking 103
High Yield 105
Vacation Club 008